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Nancy Flew of NancyFlew LLC describes herself as a “Professional Vibration Raiser,” and after working closely with her, I’d have to agree. She’s got an infectious and positive personality.

When we started working together, she was ready to focus on her business and launch it online in a much bigger way.

She didn’t feel her current site reflected her or her offerings and she described her site as, “Lame. It’s an online business card.”

It was a simple site on Wix, but it was so simple that the functionality was limited. It just didn’t have the capability to support what she wanted to create. Nancy wanted the functionality that WordPress provided as well as full creative control over her project, but she was a little nervous about the WordPress learning curve.

She was a perfect fit for the Create Your Dream Website Coaching Program.

Every project, both coaching clients and custom design clients, begins with a discussion of site goals and what clients want to achieve with their site. Clients also dive into a program module on branding.

For Nancy, these were big steps as she had to get really clear on what she does and who she serves. This can be challenging because clients have to narrow down their offerings and focus, but doing this work is crucial to any successful website project.

As a result of this work, she completely changed the “vibe” of her brand. The imagery, vibrant colors, and clean fonts truly reflect her personality and how she works with clients.

As a single mom, getting pro photos done was an initial hurdle, until she got creative and hired one of her daughter’s teen friends who wants to be a photographer. It was a win/win situation. The teen photographer had her first official client and Nancy got some seriously stunning photos for a great price.

Nancy’s biggest struggle was moving beyond her fear of being seen. And this is where the coaching piece of this process is so helpful. She was on the group calls almost every week asking questions and working through the process.

Finally, she tackled writing all of her copy, or the text for her site, before we got to the tech.

I installed WordPress on her site, all of the necessary plugins, her theme, and the template that she’d chosen.

She then followed the videos in the program to customize it with her gorgeous new branding and her copy.

She ended up creating a site where she’s not only seen, but she SHINES.

Nancy was also one of the clients who took full advantage of the weekly group calls to ask questions and get support.

“When it came to creating the beautiful, fully functional site that I truly wanted, I felt intimidated about what that would take in terms of the learning curve, tech futz and frustration, and cost. As a single parent, rebuilding my life post-divorce, I had many challenges and stresses competing for my time and dollars. But, Amy’s program breaks down the process of building a dream website into steps that I could easily achieve, even as a busy single mom. But even better, Amy had my back with my technology questions. She’d even hop on the back-end of my site if I got stuck to help me out. This was invaluable to helping me stay in the flow and get my site done.”

~ Nancy Flew,

Nancy’s first site. She went from this….

To this….Nancy Flew’s Homepage:

Need an energetic tune-up? Nancy Flew’s your girl! Here’s her Services Page:

Nancy began this program frustrated and overwhelmed with the thought of putting together all of the pieces that a website requires. But now? She loves her site.

“I am absolutely in love with my site (kinda want to marry it). I smile, every time I see it. It feels true to who I am and is something I feel so happy and proud to have representing me and how I serve my clients.” ~ Nancy Flew,

If you’re comfortable with learning tech, have a vision for what you’d like but are looking for some personalized 1/1 support, and definitely want full creative control over your online presence, then Create Your Dream Website might be the answer for you.

If this is you, let’s get started.

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