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Brittney Stefanic and I have worked together for years…as teachers. We both taught at the local high school and even participated for an entire year in a “Master Teacher” program that our school district ran, but neither of us ever talked about our “side-hustles.” I spent my free time writing and building websites, while she became a sleep consultant helping families get their little guys to sleep.

It wasn’t until we were both ready to leave the classroom that we discovered our shared entrepreneurial spirits. And happily, we both managed to say goodbye to good ol’ SCHS. Our side hustles are now our full-time hustles, and Brittney’s got a gorgeous new website as the online foundation for her business.

Brittney first reached out to me almost a year ago, expressing her frustration with her website. We had a quick phone call where I walked her through some basics, and every time we spoke, she mentioned her website woes.

Her original site was on which had worked fine when she first started, but as her business grew, she struggled to make it look like she wanted it to look or to organize the content in a way that would be useful to her visitors.

She also felt like her website was holding back her business growth as she was embarrassed by it and didn’t feel that it reflected either her personality or the quality of her work.

Her site before our work together:

Step #1 – Discovery

We started our work together by talking about Brittney’s goals for her business. She wanted to highlight the success stories on her site and organize her blog posts. She also has plans to grow her sleep consulting into working with adults, but the thought of adding more information to current website that she felt was already dis-organized gave her anxiety.

Together, we created a site-map and planned out the pages for her new site as well as her blog categories. We also discussed writing up her success stories as a case study, exactly like I’m doing here.

As Brittney said, “I felt instantly at-ease after our first call, and I knew that I had made the right decision but making the investment to work together, and the tasks Amy set out for me made all of my homework feel worthwhile and manageable.”

Step #2 – Inspiration

After finalizing her sitemap and goals, we dug into developing the visuals for her new website and solidifying her brand by adding her personality. She already had a logo that she liked, but her original site was all black and white and didn’t reflect her fun personality.

Brittney also had some professional photos taken. These were AMAZING to work with.

Her photographer completely captured her style and personality which is so key to creating a website and brand that really reflects the business owner. And all of the baby pics were so much fun.

After creating several style boards and brand boards that keyed in on what she liked, what she wanted to convey, and also what would appeal to her target market, we narrowed down the visual elements of her site. This whole process is one of my favorite parts of working with clients as I love to collaborate and brainstorm with them.

Step #3 – Design & Development

While Brittney worked on doing a final revision and proofread through all of her copy, I dove into creating the basic layout of her new site’s main pages. Once she approved those, I built her site, and we’re both so pleased with how it turned out.

First and foremost, she’s excited to share it with others and refer people to her website where they can easily contact her and hire her.

She’s also got a blog that is now organized by category and posts are easy to find which was one of her main goals. Her site is also set up for further growth in that we can easily add services and pages.

Finally, Brittney’s site is fully optimized for mobile.

“Amy was so easy to communicate with, was a great listener, and the way she set out tasks for me made the project feel worthwhile and manageable. Her personality and experience coupled perfectly to create a wonderful and positive partnership.”

To view the images of her site, click the thumbnails below to enlarge. Or, visit Brittney Stefanic Sleep Consulting.

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Brittney Stefanic’s Website

“Before working with Amy, my website was giving me so much anxiety. I actually hesitated sharing my blog posts publicly (despite the amount of time I was spending on them) because I felt like my site that housed my blogs did not represent my overall quality of work or my personality/vibe. I was so stuck by the tech, design, copy, etc that I couldn’t get my mind around making it feel like it represented me or creating a user-friendly experience for my visitors. After my first call with Amy, I felt instantly at ease and knew I had made the right decision in making the investment to work together. Amy was so easy to communicate with, was a great listener, and the way she set out tasks for me made the project feel worthwhile and manageable. Her personality and experience coupled perfectly to create a wonderful and positive partnership. Now, I LOVE MY SITE! It mirrors my personality and represents the professional, calming yet bright, and organized services that I bring to the lives of each of my clients.” Brittney Stefanic, Brittney Stefanic Sleep Consulting

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