Time to Say Goodbye…

I feel kinda weird writing this post. I started Entwine Web Design “officially” almost four years ago, but I’d been doing sites for myself and friends for about three or four years prior to that.

And now, it’s time to shut the doors here and focus on my own writing and book/creativity coaching. It’s where my education and heart is…I just had to take a bit of a break to figure that out.

If you’re looking for a designer, here are some highly talented women to get you started in your search (listed in random order).

Reneé Matthews is a New York native, living in North Carolina. For Reneé, Web design is like art – the screen is a blank canvas where she can create something beautiful.   Her websites are also functional scalable and mobile-friendly.  Her web platform of choice is WordPress with Elementor as a builder, and she uses good old fashioned HTML and CSS as well.   You can find Reneé and her work at www.ONYXDigitalSpace.com where she offers branding and marketing as well.

Marshaé Smith owns the Cosmopolitan Creative Group which is a full-service, global design firm based out of Charlotte, North Carolina, and they’re really good at working with entrepreneurs to make their brand visibly connect with the emerging Millennial market — and in the right way. Specializing in brand, graphic and web design, CCG offers a suite of all-inclusive packages as well as monthly retainer partnership opportunities.

View CCG’s Portfolio: https://www.cosmopolitancreativegroup.com Schedule a Complimentary Consultation: https://www.cosmopolitancreativegroup.com/consultations

Malini Gupta runs Ochre {art + design} LLC. Based in Portland, Oregon, Ochre Design offers premier graphic and website design services to make sure you and your business stand out from your competitors. From logo to website, I will craft designs that honor your business and the hard work you commit to it each day. Malini also offers Book and Magazine Design and her artwork is GORGEOUS.

Goodbye, God bless, and THANK YOU!!! Entwine Web Design has been more than a business. It’s been the catalyst for so much spiritual and personal growth. Thank you for being part of the journey!!!

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