Guten…what? WordPress’s new editor


Change is in the air in the WordPress world, which is why I chose the new WordPress editor for November’s Take Action Tutorial.

But…it looks like the release date of WordPress 5.0 and the new Gutenberg editor has been delayed a bit, so you’ve got some more time to learn it.

If you haven’t heard, the next release of WordPress includes a MAJOR overhaul of the WordPress editor.

It basically turns WordPress into a page builder and how you write posts and edit pages will change dramatically.

In November’s Take Action Tutorial, I walk through the changes and what they’ll look like. I encourage you to download the Gutenberg plugin (which I review in the tutorial), so you can begin to play with it, especially if you regularly create content on your website.

The WordPress Gutenberg tutorial is just over 20 minutes and walks you through how to install the Gutenberg plugin, how to edit pages, and how to create new blog posts.

It looks QUITE different from the current classic editor, so take a few minutes to play with it before the switch happens which will be sometime in December or January.

Let me know if you’ve got any questions in the comments! Now, grab some eggnog or cocoa and enjoy the holiday season.



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